Altofina high pressure laminates fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 438, NEMA LD3, ISO 4586 parts 1 and 2, including abrasion, impact, moisture resistance, postformability, tensile strength, safety of installation and ease of maintenance. All Gloss finish décors and Solid Colour, Pure Finish and Metal ranges have a protective foil to reduce the risk of scratching during fabrication and installation. In addition, a protective foil is applied on all textured Plain Colours with an LRV value of 30 or less. The foil can be easily removed either before or after the installation is complete.


Altofina can be bonded to various grades and thicknesses of chipboard, MDF, metal, mineral, lightweight honeycomb and other substrates to create a rigid panel. The majority of Altofina ranges are available in postforming grade, allowing both flat and curved applications for projects that need seamless shapes.

All fabrication of Altofina laminates must be carried out by a fully trained and correctly equipped fabricator.

The Environment

Altofina is manufactured using environmentally sound production techniques. The complete Altofina Collection has achieved the FSC mixed accreditation. The UK and Ireland distributor of Altofina is Blackheath Products Ltd, who is an accredited FSC chain of custody supplier. The Altofina Wood range achieves the look and feel of real timber, thereby avoiding the need to cut down rare and exotic species. The Altofina Stone range deliberately imitates popular natural stones and concrete finishes without the need to engage in environmentally damaging mining processes.

Performance Grades

All décors are available in postforming grade, with the exception of the Pure Finish and Solid Colour ranges which are both available in standard grade. Brushed Metal 001, 002 and 003 are also available in postforming grade, but all other Metal décors are available in standard grade.

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Altofina 2022 Availability Chart


All décors are available as either 3050 x 1300mm or 3080 x 1250mm. Black 001 and 002 and White 001 and 002 are also available as 3660 x 1525mm and 2510 x 1250mm.

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Altofina 2022 Availability Chart